Del Fatti Leather Surefire Z2 Flashlight Carrier

Serious gun leather aficionados will immediately recognize the name Matt Del Fatti.  He has built a loyal following of customers that go to him for his high quality, yet unique holsters and accessories.

Carrying a flashlight concealed can be a difficult proposition.  Pockets do not always allow easy access and many belt carriers are way too bulky to be practical.  

That is why the Del Fatti Z2 Flashlight Carrier immediately caught my eye years ago.  When I first saw a picture of it online, I thought it was one of the simplest, low profile light carriers that I’d ever seen.

The beauty of the design is that it adds no extra bulk to the flashlight.  

Basically, it is a belt loop with a strap of leather attached to wrap around the skinny portion of the Surefire Z2 or 6Z flashlight.  The leather strap snaps at the end via a one-way snap.  

I found that the carrier was most effective when I carried the flashlight bezel up with the snap pointed towards the small of the back.  I wear the flashlight at about the 8 ‘o clock position on my belt.  In that configuration, I can unsnap the flashlight with my middle finger while the thumb and forefinger are grasping the tailcap.  With some practice, it becomes very fast to deploy the light.

Re-holstering the light is not quite as easy, but also can be done with practice.  

In closing, if you are in need of a low profile flashlight carrier, consider the Z2 Flashlight Carrier from Matt Del Fatti.  It is really a good piece of every day carry gear.  


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