Drop-In High Output Cree LED Lamp

TNVC (Tactical Night Vision Company) is selling a drop-in Cree Q5 LED lamp assembly that fits full-sized Surefire flashlights, such as the G2 and 6P. Compared to the P60 lamp that comes standard in the 6P, the TNVC lamp is over three times as bright and doubles the battery life. According to TNVC, the Q5 lamp throws 265 lumens at the emitter and has an actual output of 220 lumens with two hours of run time off of two 3 volt CR123A batteries.

Looking at the Q5 lamp, you'll notice that it has the same type of orange peel texture surrounding the LED bulb that Surefire is known for.

When considering replacement LED lamps, I also looked at the Malkoff drop-in units. The Malkoff equivalent uses a Cree XP-G LED to push 240 lumens off of 6 volts. I decided on the TNVC lamp due to the beam and price. The Malkoff sells for roughly $25 more. It may be a little bit brighter but both LED lamps are definitely in the high power range.

The Q5 lamp has a specifically tailored beam that has tight flood with well-defined spot. Compared to a P60 incandescent lamp in a Surefire 6P, the flood covers a much smaller area and the spot is much brighter. The Q5 attributes create a beam that will fill small to medium sized rooms with no problem yet can reach out and light up objects at a distance. Using the Q5 on a dark street at night, there's no problem identifying objects 35-45 yards sway.

Tint is one of the areas where LEDs have had complaints in the past. Compared to incandescent flashlights, LED ones tend to have a bluish tint. In this area, I'd say that the Q5 is very neutral. It is noticeably more white than the yellow tint of an incandescent flashlight, yet it does not appear blue like some LEDs do.

In summary, I think the Q5 lamp is a great addition to any Surefire 6 series flashlight. In fact, I feel that upgrading a G2 or 6P with the Q5 is like trading your family sedan in on an Audi R4. It adds a world of performance in a more efficient and durable package. The Q5 sells for $45.


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