Update: EDC Items from SHOT SHOW 2009!

The 2009 SHOT SHOW is now unfortunately over.   Here are some of the new EDC items on display this year.  

Word from the Surefire booth is that they are hopeful that the public has forgotten about the UA2 Optimus and UB2 Invictus (yeah, right!).  They had prototypes displayed of new handheld lights, including an AZ2 Combatlight, A2L Aviator, and LX2 Lumamax.  All three have new styling absent of the knurling that Surefire has been known for.   The A2 LED and LX2 Lumamax both have E1B-style pocket clips.

The AZ2 and A2L both have maximum outputs of 120 lumens.  The LX2 has two outputs at 80 and 10 lumens. 

The anticipated X400 was also present.  It is essentially an X300 with an integral aiming laser.  

The 2009 Surefire catalog was being handed out at the SHOT SHOW.  It contains some other flashlights, including the new M3TL (turbo LED with 350 lumens), V2L Vampire LED (two-stage white light and an IR mode), LX1 (120 and 15 lumen modes), and the aluminum T1A Titan.   Ironically, the catalog also contains the UB3 Invictus, which is a larger version of the UB2 with maximum output of 350 lumens. 

There was no word on when the NovaTac Storm will be shipping.  

INOVA had some of their INFORCE series of flashlights on display, including 6 volt and 9 volt models.  They look to be interesting lights with some cool features.  I'll hopefully have more information on them at a later date.


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