Fenix Flashlight Model L2T

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Surefire fan.  I use and carry one everyday.  My Surefires have never given me any problems so I’ll probably continue to use them until something measurably better comes along.

In the past couple of years, large strides have been made in the arena of high-output LED lamps.  Adapting that technology to flashlights, the new wave of LEDs are brighter and use less energy than ever before.  Being that the LEDs are made overseas, it stands to reason that most of the LED lights on the market are being imported from China.  

As much as I like Surefire lights, I know that many people are not willing to pay what they cost.  Enter Fenix flashlights.  Fenix lights have a large catalog of AAA, AA, and CR123A operated lights.  They’ve catered to the flashlight geeks in the past with flashlight models offering the lastest in LEDs such as those from Rebel and Cree.  

I recently had the chance to play with a Fenix model L2T.  Until now, I’ve avoided the Fenix lights due to their lack of a tactical clickie tailcap.  The L1T and L2T models use a Surefire-style momentary clickie tailcap.  Both models were discontinued quickly, however, supposedly due to fragile switches in the tailcap.  Only time will tell how the L2T switch holds up.  

The L2T uses two AA batteries.  It has a 15 lumen low output setting and a 140 lumen Rebel-powered high output setting.  The user can change between the two settings by rotating the bezel.  Run times are 32 and 2.4 hours respectively.          

Performance wise, the L2T has a perfectly defined white spot, as good as any Surefire I’ve seen.  The flood area of the beam is narrow but also well defined.  Compared to my Surefire L1 Cree, the low setting of the L2T is a little bit less bright.  The same goes for the high setting, with the Surefire L1 slightly beating the L2T in brightness.  

Despite the higher advertised lumens ratings, the better Surefire performance is understandable as Fenix lists the mathematic rating instead of the actual lumen output.

The L2T is finished in a black power-coat type finish.  It also uses an orange-peel textured reflector which may account for it’s quality white spot and beam.  

With a street price in the range of $45 US, the Fenix L2T is definitely a good buy for the money.

Check out part two of the review of the Fenix L2T flashlight!


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