Fenix L2T Flashlight Update

A few months ago, Fenix introduced clickie tailcaps on a couple of their models.  The models were only available for a short time, supposedly due to issues with the tailcap.  Since doing a review of the Fenix L2T flashlight, the model that I was using developed some issues with the tailcap. 

I have recently learned that Fenix has updated the clickie tailcaps and fixed the problems inherent in earlier models.  The L1T and L2T models are again available from Fenix.  

I plan to obtain a replacement clickie tailcap for the L2T to re-evaluate it and see how it holds up in long term usage. 

Here's hoping that Fenix has worked out the bugs because the combination of common battery size (AA), dual output, clickie tailcap, and price will make the L2T a winner in the tactical flaslight marketplace. 

Take a look at my original review of the Fenix L2T!


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