Fenix TK40 Flashlight

Sometimes you just need more light. For those occasions, Fenix makes the TK40.

Packing a whopping maximum of 630 advertised lumens, the TK40 is best described as portable sunshine. While the advertised output was probably overestimated as usual, the actual output is still staggering.

The TK40 uses eight AA batteries to power the Cree LED lamp. This is no lilliputian flashlight. The batteries alone weigh too much for pocket carry. The TK40 is a light to stow in your vehicle, boat, or residence for emergencies or showing off to your friends.

Thanks to the efficient Cree lamp, battery life is quite reasonable. The TK40 has four output settings. The previously mentioned 630 lumens is in turbo mode. In the turbo mode, it's good for 2 hours. The high setting is 280 lumens for 6.8 hours; the medium is 93 lumens for 20 hours. Lastly, on the low output mode, the output is 13 lumens and it will run for 150 hours. Another good piece of news is that they TK40 will run on only four AA batteries. The runtimes will obviously be reduced, however.

Switching through the modes on the TK40, it has four alternate settings. They are strobe, slow flash, SOS, and fast flash. The SOS mode could be useful in a survival setting as a signal beacon to rescue personnel.

The owner manual included with the TK40 recommends that it never be used on turbo mode longer than 15 minutes to prevent damage to the flashlight. I don't see that as a problem. Turning the flashlight off for short intervals will keep it cool enough to continue performing as long as the batteries last. In the strobe or SOS mode, it can be used indefintely.

It should be pointed out that Fenix states that using lithium batteries in the TK40 voids the warranty.

Overall, the TK40 is a great flashlight if you are looking for something in it's size and output range.

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