New EDC Highlights from the 2010 SHOT Show

The 2010 SHOT Show just ended on Friday, January 22. On the firearms front there were several new developments and interesting products coming to market. But for EDC gear, there were not as many new products as has been seen in years past.

Surefire, as always was present. They displayed the LX1 Lumamax as displayed in their 2009 Catalog. Maybe it will be available this year. Surefire is now advertising it as having a maximum output of 110 lumens and a length of 4.1 inches. The current L1 Lumamax is 65 lumens and 4.5" overall.

Some of the truly new lights from Surefire were the Z2-S and the Stratum. The Z2-S is an upgraded version of their Z2 combatlight with a max output of 150 lumens. The Stratum is essentially a remodeled Surefire 6P with three output settings; 5, 50, and 150. Not bad for a 6p-sized light, eh? It may be a little large for EDC, but would be a versatile tool on a lawmen's or soldier's belt.

Probably the most talked about Surefire present at the show was the Surefire M720 Raid. Made to install on any picatinny rail present on a handgun or rifle, the Raid borrows from previous technology found on lights such as the Vampire and X300. The M720V Raid has four white light settings, low, medium, and high. It also has an IR setting for use with night vision devices. The M720 and M720L are strictly white light devices with the M720L producing 350 lumens.

Noticeably missing was the UB3 Invictus.

Benchmade displayed their new cutlery wares, including the model 755 MPR Shane Sibert collaboration. Also of note was the 790 Subrosa, which is frankly Benchmade's take on the classic Chris Reeve Sebenza, having a blasted titanium frame-lock. The 172 is Benchmade's entry into the tactical tomahawk market. It's a good looking spike hawk made of 1095 with G10 scales on the haft. MY personal favorite from Benchmade was the new model 8600 Bedlman. It is scimatar inspired having a flowing, up-swept blade, and is an auto-axis, meaning it is classified as an automatic knife.

RAT Knives had two new products for this year. One was the Junglas, which is a large jungle machete, similar to the old RTAK knives produced by Ontario Knives and Newt Livesay. The other new product is a broadhead, which is presumably used to make a spear or arrows in a survival scenario.

Kabar had two new necks knives displayed at the SHOT show, both flat ground. One looked suspiciously like the Izula from RAT Knives.

Those were the noteworthy items from the 2010 SHOT Show.


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