New Surefire LED Headlamp: The Saint

Along with the Invictus and Optimus, Surefire has another new flashlight coming out.  It is the Saint (HS1-A).  The Saint is Surefire’s first endeavor into the headlamp market (since the HL1 is technically a helmet light).

The Saint is a variable powered LED light that runs off of three 3 CR123A lithium batteries.  According to information released by Surefire, the LED is pre-programmed for 1, 10, and 100 lumen output levels.  Battery life is expected to be 144 hours, 48 hours, and 6 hours, respectively.

Information from Surefire also indicates that the Saint will run off only one or two CR123A batteries in an emergency, but battery life is of course reduced.  The Saint is also supposed to work using two AA batteries, but again, battery life is reduced.

MSRP for the Saint is $185 which definitely puts it into the high end of the headlamp market.  Sales numbers will tell how well received the Saint is.  

The Saint should be available from Surefire in the first quarter of 2009.    


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