New Surefires: Next Generation G2X and 6PX

As their names imply, Surefire has come out with next generation editions of their popular G2 and 6P workhorse flashlights. These new lights are the same dimensions as their predecessors in length and weight but feature new styling that has not been seen from Surefire before.

More importantly, the new lights are over three times as bright as the original versions at 200 lumens. Like the originals, the G2X is made of polymer and the 6PX is made of aluminum.

Surefire is offering two versions of the lights; Tactical and Pro. The Pro series differs from the Tactical in that they are dual output with a 15 lumen low setting. Switching of output modes is done via an E1B-style tailcap.

The G2X Tactical retails for $55,the G2X Pro retails for $65, the 6PX Tactical for $69, and the 6PX Pro for $79. To put it in perspective, the Surefire G2L retails for $69.


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