NovaTac Storm Update

The Novatac Storm is finally available in the States. The release date continued to be postponed but they are trickling in now.

The NovaTac Storm has been greatly anticipated because it is said to offer the performance of the popular NovaTac 120 series lights, only at a lower price.  The MSRP of the Storm is $100 US, but the street price is around $80.  As with the current 120P, the Storm is programmable.

The 120T has also been updated and will be released along with another model, the 120M, designed for military use.  The 120M lacks the .3 lumen setting of the Storm and 120T.  Both the 120T and 120M are reportedly being made in the US.  MSRP for both models is $150 US.  

Also of note to NovaTac fans is the Classic, which is powered by two AA batteries.  The output is exactly the same as the 120M, 10 and 120 lumen settings.  Runtimes are also the same, 28 hours on low and one half-hour on high.  MSRP is unknown at this time.  The overall length of the Classic is 6 inches.

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