Review of Surefire Flashlight’s G2 Nitrolon

A few years ago Surefire began making an entry level line of flashlights made of a material they refer to as Nitrolon (plastic).  The most popular of the Nitrolon series is the G2.  While the price of the G2 may be entry level, the performance certainly is not.


The G2 has essentially the same characteristics of the original Surefire 6P, including lumens output, battery life, size, switch placement, and operation.    

While seemingly not as interesting as other Surefire products, such as the L1 Lumamax Cree or Invictus, the G2 is perfect for those people who have simpler needs and don’t want the higher price tag that comes with more complex flashlights.  Due to its’ low price, the G2 is also great for stashing in vehicles or gear bags as a spare in case of emergencies.

The G2 retails for $36 US, which is roughly half of what its’ aluminum siblings go for.  The G2 is can be found at most any sporting goods store, certainly those that carry Surefire products.

Best of all, the Surefire G2 is available in yellow, OD green, tan, black, and Realtree Hardwoods camouflage so you can choose the color to best suit your needs.  


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