Surefire 2009 Catalog

As written in the 2009 SHOT SHOW post, Surefire's 2009 catalog is out now. Here's are the new EDC lights that it includes:

The UB3 Invictus is up first. As previously mentioned, it is a scaled up version of the awaited UB2 Invictus. It's overall length is just over 9" and three 3-volt lithium batteries give it a max output of 350 lumens.

Next is the T1A Titan. This is probably the light that most interests me for EDCing. Only 2 ounces and 3.25" long, it has a max output of 70 lumens. By rotating the bezel, the output can be adjusted down to 1 lumen and anywhere between.

At 6 inches long, the U2 Ultra is a little big for EDC except for those in uniform service. The newest version of the U2 features a six position ring that adjusts output from 2 to 100 lumens.

The AZ2 is Surefire's first dual-output combatlight. It has a 125 lumen setting and 25 lumen setting. The interesting part is at 25 lumens the light has a flood beam. On high-output, it has a spot beam.

The A2L has similar specs only with 125 and 10 lumens settings. It is available also available in blue, red, or green beams.

The popular Kroma is also in the catalog in it's newest iteration.

A brand new light is the V2L. About the same size as the AZ2, the V2L not only has dual-output modes, but also dual-output IR modes. It is definitely a hot product for persons needing IR capabilities in a flashlight.

The Saint is in the catalog. Better yet is the Saint Minimus. At 3.3 ounces I think it will prove to be very popular. It has three output modes, 1, 10, and 100 lumens. It is powered by a single 3-volt battery.
The rest of catalog remains the same for the most part. The L1 Lumamax has gotten a makeover and a few extra lumens. It is known as the L1B model and there's also a two-cell version called the L2B.
Lastly, the E1B is still included in the catalog and has not been changed.
It's quite an ambitious catalog for Surefire being mindful of last year's. Let's hope we actually see these new lights this year.


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