Surefire E1B Backup Review

I previously posted when the Surefire E1B began hitting dealers' shelves.  Now that I've had a chance to use one for a bit, I've put my thoughts together into a review. 


The E1B is a great little EDC flashlight.  With an overall length of just four inches, it is easy to put into a pocket and forget about it until you need it.  Part of the ease of carry is due to the pocket clip.  Surefire explored new ground with the E1B's pocket clip because the design allows for bezel up or down carry.  The bezel down position is the important development because the flashlight conceals much better in the pocket than bezel up.  I like the pocket clip so much that I wish Surefire would put it on all of their pocket clip equipped flashlights.  

Moving on, the E1B has two output modes, a 5 lumen low output and 80 lumen high output.  Run-times are 37 hours on low and 1.3 hours on high. 

The user interface is somewhat of a departure for Surefire.  It operates like the E2L Outdoorsman, but automatically comes on in the high output mode.  Releasing and pressing again switches to the low output mode.  The tailcap is a clickie style for constant on light. 

The only minor criticism that I have of the E1B is that the user interface is not as simple to use as that of the Surefire L1.  The slightly more complex user interface is a trade off for the clickie tailcap.

In short, the Surefire E1B may be the perfect EDC flashlight.  While I still prefer the operation of the L1, the decreased size of the E1B makes it worthy of consideration for the EDC rotation. 


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