Surefire E1B Backup

The Surefire E1B Backup is now out in mass.  After reading several user reviews of the E1B, the little flashlight sounds more enticing than it did originally.  

The E1B is marketed as an everyday carry backup flashlight for uniformed law enforcement or for plain clothes officers.

The tailcap switching seemed overly complicated from the information on the Surefire website.  However, first-hand reports of it’s operation make it sound less cumbersome.  Basically, the user can press the tailcap until it locks for the constant on high-output mode.  Clicking the tailcap again within two seconds switches the light to low-output constant on mode.  

For momentary use, partially press and release the tailcap for high-output.  Press and release it again within two seconds for the momentary low-output mode.

The biggest issue that I see operating the E1B is in strobing the tailcap or using momentary “flashes” and unintentionally switching from high to low-output mode.

The other issue that I see with the E1B’s tailcap is that you have to go to the high-output mode to get to the low-output mode.  That makes it better for tactical use, but is mildly annoying when you are using the light for everyday carry needs.  

I have not had the chance to actually handle an E1B yet, however, so those issues may be moot.

I like the fact that Surefire designed the E1B for five lumens in the low-output setting.  The ten lumens setting on the Surefire L1 is a little too bright.  

Overall, the Surefire E1B Backup appears to be a great flashlight.  But at this time, I don’t see it replacing my L1 Cree for everyday carry.


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