Surefire E1B Pocket Clip

Everyday users of Surefire's popular E1B have grown very fond of the pocket clip included on the flashlight.  The E1B clip is bi-directional so that the light can be carried bezel down, unlike other Surefire lights which can only be carried bezel up.  Bezel down carry places more of the flashlight inside of the pocket so there's less visible.

The problem is, the E1B's pocket clip is only available on the E1B for now. is going to begin offering a titanium flashlight clip similar to the E1B one. There is no word on the price or release date yet, but I feel that it will be well recieved by flashlight carriers wanting an E1B style clip.


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  1. Surefire LX2 LumaMax : EDC on Fri, 31st Dec 2010 1:14 pm 

    […] the length of it creating a very modern look.  Even better, the LX2 comes standard with the E1B-style pocket clip. The E1B pocket clip allows the user to carry the flashlight bezel up or down. My preference is for […]

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