Surefire E2D LED Defender

Surefire's E2D flashlight has historically been, and remains, one of the most popular everyday carry flashlights. Being part of the executive or e-series, It is among Surefire's smallest flashlights.

The E2D was originally incandescent and identical in function and output to Surefire's E2E. The E2D differed in that it was black powder coated versus hard anodized, and had a crenellated strike bezel and tailcap for use as an impact weapon. The idea was sort of a combination of a Koppo stick and flashlight. It had a single output of 60 lumens with a runtime of an hour and a half.

As Surefire has been revamping their flashlights with more modern LED emitters, the E2D has likewise been given a makeover. Although the E2D LED is aesthetically similar, that's where the similarities end.

The new LED E2Ds have dual output modes. Pressing the tailcap once turns on the high mode of 200 lumens. Repressing the tailcap immediately activates the low output mode of 5 lumens. The E2D LED has a runtime of about two hours on high and 76 hours in the low output mode!

The new E2D LED flashlights are fractionally longer than the originals due to the longer LED bezel. But at 5.4" overall, the E2D LED will still easily slip into a pocket. The crenellations can snag and tear holes in clothing so care should be taken when carrying the E2D. The E2D LED has the same pocket clip as the original E2D. I'd like to see Surefire start selling the E2D LEDs with the E1B pocket clip as it's more versatile. The E1B clip with retrofit to the E2D and you can purchase them from Surefire.

Like the original E2D, the LED version runs on two CR123A lithium batteries.

The retail price on the E2D LED from Surefire is $165.

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