Surefire E2L Outdoorsman

The Surfire E2L is the new LED version of the original E2 Outdoorsman.  Unlike the original, the E2L has dual output modes similar to the Surefire L1 Lumamax.

The E2L uses two 3-volt lithium CR123A batteries and has a clickie tailcap.  Overall length is 5.25" inches (the E2 Outdoorsman was 4.75").  While having two batteries on board increases the length of the flashlight, it also increases the run-times dramatically.  On the 3 lumen mode, the run-time is 100 hours.  With the 60 lumen setting, the run-time is 11 hours.  Compare that to the L1 at 65 lumens with a run-time of 1.5 hours.  

Switching between the dual output modes is not as intuitive as the L1.  Therefore, it is my opinion that the E2L is better suited for utility or outdoor use than a tactical environment.  The E2L automatically comes on at the 3 lumen setting.  To switch to 60 lumens, re-click the tailcap again within a second.  The operation works the same way whether you're using the click-on or momentary-on modes. 

Compared to the L1, the E2L's beam has more flood.  Although the E2L has five less lumens in the high-output mode, the difference is imperceivable.   

In summation, the LED upgrade revitalized the E2 Outdoorsman adding an additional brightness mode, increased overall brightness, and much increased run-times.  The MSRP is $149.00. 


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