Surefire Flashlight E2E

The smallest series of flashlights that Surefire manufactures is the Executive series, known as the E series.

The E series flashlights differ from their larger counterparts in that the batteries have to be loaded from the bezel end due to the smaller body diameter.

Even with newer flashlights on the market, such as the L1 Lumamax with Cree technology, the E2E is still one of my favorite flashlights from Surefire.

For everyday carry, the E2E is a great choice because it is so small, lightweight, and rides perfectly clipped to a pocket.

The E2E is a 6 volt light that is a non-fanged version of the popular E2D.  It puts out roughly the same amount of lumens as the standby 6P with longer runtime.

The greatest attribute of the E2E, in my opinion, is the Z61 tail cap which allows constant-on activation without turning. From a usability standpoint, the ability to go from momentary to constant on with only increased pressure is ideal. The Z61 also has lock-out capability.

So while LED flashlights may be the future, their incandescent siblings aren't to be forgotten about yet.

Take a look at my review of the Surefire E2D LED!


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    […] E2D was originally incandescent and identical in function and output to Surefire’s E2E. The E2D differed in that it was black powder coated versus hard anodized, and had a crenellated […]

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