Surefire Flashlights 2008 Catalog

Surefire recently released their 2008 catalog to the public.  Glancing over their new flashlight offerings reveals some interesting products.

First of all, the Surefire UA2 Optimus may very well be the Grail of flashlights in 2008.  It has eight preset power settings, ranging from 2 to 200 lumens, and also SOS and strobe modes.  The user can select the output mode by turning a selector ring.

The UA2 Optimus also has an infinitely adjustable beam, letting the user choose the amount of spot or flood as needed.

Probably the most useful feature, at least in my mind, is the battery life indicator light.  It changes from green, to yellow, to red as the remaining battery life is diminished.

Next is the the Surefire UB2 Invictus.  It appears to be exactly the same as the UA2 Optimus, except that it lacks the adjustable beam feature and boasts twice the maximum output (400 lumens).  For those not needing an adjustable beam, the UB2 Invictus may be the one to get.  MSRP for both the UA2 and UB2 is unknown at this time.

The last stand-out from the Surefire catalog is the new E1B.  Surefire is pushing it as a backup or concealed carry flashlight.  With dual output of 5 and 80 lumens, it could prove to be a handy EDC flashlight.  Judging from the Surefire website, it seems like the click-on-and-off tailcap to change outputs may be overly cumbersome.  But without actually handling one, it is hard to say.  At $110.00 MSRP, it could become one of Surefire’s best sellers.

Take a look at the Surefire Flashlight Selection at eBay!

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