Surefire G2 Revisited

I previously posted on the popular Surefire G2 flashlight.  The G2 can be described as Surefire’s entry level flashlight due to its low price point.  Don’t let that fool you, the G2’s performance is anything but entry level.  The question remains; however, can a two cell incandescent light compete in today’s market of high-output LEDs?

The fact is that over the last couple of years, great strides have been made in personal LED flashlights.  A single cell LED light can be made smaller, brighter, and have longer battery life than an incandescent like the G2.

In my opinion, the G2 still has a place.  While you may not prefer to use a G2 as an EDC light, it is perfect for stashing.  G2s can be found on sale for as low as $25, which makes them inexpensive enough to throw in your vehicles, gear bag, tool bag, etc.  If for some reason your EDC light is unavailable, the G2 will be there ready to go.

Another area where the G2 makes sense is as a dedicated weapon light.  There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars for a flashlight to go on your home defense weapon.  For the price of a G2 and a 1” scope ring you can have a high quality weapon light.

In summary, there’s no reason to discount the old standby G2 yet.  They still serve a useful purpose for your lighting needs.


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