Surefire KX2 LED Conversion Head Review

The Surefire KX2 was mentioned previously on EDCItems when they first became available.  For those of you with older incandescent flashlights, the LED conversion heads can breathe new life into your lights.  This review is specifically of the KX2, which works with any two-cell E-series Surefire flashlights, such as the E2D and E2E.

I bought the KX2 for an older E2E to upgrade the flashlight and give it dual-output.  The addition of the KX2 to the E2E gives it  the same specs as the E2L Outdoorsman.  The output modes are 3 and 60 lumens.  Run time at 60 lumens is 11 hours and is 100 hours at 3 lumens.  

When you press the clickie tailcap, the flashlight automatically comes on at 3 lumens.  Quickly pressing again changes the output to 60 lumens.  

The only downside to the KX2 is its' size.  The overall length of the original E2E incandescent bezel was about an inch.  The KX2 is about an one and 5/8" long.  In my opinion, the additional length of the flashlight is an acceptable trade-off considering that the run time went from 90 minutes to 11 hours at 60 lumens plus the extra benefit of a 3 lumen mode. 

Surefire also makes the KX2C, which boosts the output to 120 lumens.  Unfortunately, Surefire does not list the run times for the KX2C. 

For those of you with older E1E lights, the KX1 is made to work with single-cell E-series Surefires.  It has a maximum output of 45 lumens and throws 3 lumens on low. 



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