Surefire KX2 LED Conversion Head

While perusing the Surefire website I noticed that Surefire has upgraded the KX2 LED conversion head for the 6 volt E series of flashlights, such as the E2E and E2D.  The new version has dual output light modes with 3 and 60 lumens.  The run time on high is reported to be 11 hours.

The best part is that the system uses the Z61 clickie tailcap which is standard on the E2E.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Surefire E2E is one of my favorite EDC flashlights. While maybe not as rugged as the non-clickie tailcaps, the Z61 is more convenient for constant-on lighting since turning the tailcap is not required.

When it comes to personal LED flashlights, I still feel that there is a niche for incandescent lights. But for EDC use, I like LEDs due to knowing that as long as I have access to batteries, I will have a working flashlight. Anyone who has used incandescent Surefires much knows that there is no warning when their lamps go. I've personally had them fail within two sets of batteries and have had them last as long as several sets of batteries. One less thing to fail is always a good thing in my book.

As far as the brightness goes, 3 lumens should be great on the low setting for everyday utility. On the other hand, 60 lumens is enough for most urban tactical situations.

With 11 hours of run time in the high output mode, the KX2 conversion head will allow Surefire owners to go through a lot less batteries than we have in the past.

Also check out the updates on Surefire's new UA2 Optimus and UB2 Invictus.


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