Surefire LX2 LumaMax

As mentioned in the new Surefire availability post, the Surefire LX2 was included in their 2009 catalog.  Unlike it's smaller sibling, the LX1, the LX2 is now out on dealer's shelves.

Surefire has put an interactive video sort of application on their website of the LX2 so that you can see how it functions.

The LX2 is an exciting development for Surefire due to the compact size to brightness ratio of the light.  The LX2 has an overall length of 5.4" inches yet has a maximum output of 200 lumens!

For comparison, the LX2 is the same size as Surefire's new A2L.

Fortunately for us, the LX2 utilizes an L1-style tailcap, which operates by pressing for light or turning it for constant-on. A light press of the tailcap turns on the low output setting of 15 lumens. A harder press turns on the high output setting of 200 lumens.

The LX2 also features new styling from Surefire which lacks the traditional knurling.  Instead, the light has grooves running the length of it creating a very modern look.  Even better, the LX2 comes standard with the E1B-style pocket clip. The E1B pocket clip allows the user to carry the flashlight bezel up or down. My preference is for bezel down as it is much lower profile in the pocket and is quick into action when needed.

The LX2 runs on two CR123A lithium batteries. It has a run time of 2 hours on high before the output falls below 50 lumens. On the low setting of 15 lumens, the LX2 has a run time of 30 hours.

The previous iteration of the L2 was longer overall and had a maximum output of 100 lumens. It was also 15 lumens on the low output setting. The run times have definitely improved. On the high mode, the L2 had a run time of 1 hour. On low, the L2 would run for 18 hours. That equates to an almost 50% increase in overall run time and the LX2 is twice as bright in the high output mode.

The LX2 has a gray colored hard anodized finish that is durable and nice looking.

The price of the LX2 is not inconsiderable at $195.  However, you'd be hard pressed to find a light with that kind of performance coupled with Surefire's reliability.

If you're interested in flashlights, check out my review of the Surefire A2L.

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