Surefire X300 Review

Update: In 2010 Surefire increased the light output of the X300 weaponlight to 170 lumens. All other specs and pricing remained the same. Get more information by checking out my post on the Surefire X300 upgrade.

Surefire introduced the X300 weaponlight in 2008 as an improvement to the previously offered X200A and X200B model lights.

Compared to the X200 model weaponlights, the X300 is much brighter having 110 lumens and has a lower MSRP ($225).

The X300 is made to fit on to any universal or Picatinny rails but is most commonly used on handguns mounted at the 6:00 position underneath the dust cover.  In such cases, the X300 mounts to the handgun without modification or interference with the weapon’s operation.

When necessary, the light is quickly removable.

Compared to Surefire’s previous handgun lights, the X200/X300 series is much smaller and lighter.  The X300 weighs in at under 4 ounces.

The X300 has recently gained popularity on AR15 carbines due to its’ light weight and versatility.  The short overall length of the X300 makes it perfect for mounting at the 12:00 position on a railed forearm.  From that position, manipulation of the light is easy and also avoids shadows which are common from lights mounted elsewhere.

For users in need of remote control of the light, various pressure switches are available to retrofit the X300.  They only add to the versatility of the X300 system.

For an all around use weaponlight, it would be hard to beat the X300.  At this point in time, nothing else offers the combination of small size, light weight, and brightness.

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