Surefire X300 Update

A while ago I did a review of the Surefire X300. In my opinion, it remains as the best pistol-mounted weapon light available.

As originally released, the X300 had an output of 110 lumens. Surefire recently upgraded the performance of the X300. It now has an output of 170 lumens, an increase of about 50%. Best of all, the retail price will remain the same.

The Surefire X400, which includes an on-board aiming laser module, was also upgraded to a 170 lumen output.

Unfortunately, Surefire is not offering an upgrade on previous models of the X300 at this time.

Take a look at my other Surefire reviews.

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2 Comments on "Surefire X300 Update"

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    […] has quietly been upgrading the performance of some of their flashlights. The Surefire X300 was recently upgraded from 110 to 170 lumens, an increase of over […]

  2. Surefire X300 Review : EDC on Mon, 21st Mar 2011 6:39 pm 

    […] Update: In 2010 Surefire increased the light output of the X300 weaponlight to 170 lumens. All other specs and pricing remained the same. Get more information by checking out my post on the Surefire X300 upgrade. […]

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