Surefire X400

The Surefire X400 will begin hitting dealer's shelves in the next week or so.  This light has been long awaited for anyone wanting a combination white light and laser handgun mounted light.  Similar offerings available on the market have proven less than reliable, so here's hoping that Surefire got it right.

Building on their popular X300 weaponlight, the X400 combines all of the features of the predecessor with the addition of a 635 nanometer red aiming laser.  The overall size is very close, except with the laser housing projecting from the bottom of the unit.  The weight of the X400 is only seven-tenths of an ounce heaver than the X300 at 4.4 ounces.

The mounting system appears to remain the same as the X300, easily attaching to a universal or picatinny rail.

Expect the street price to be around $450.

If the X400 works as well as the X300, Surefire will have another winner on their hands.


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