Tools Aviation Battery Caddy

Modern high-output flashlights are great.  I don’t know how we ever lived without them.    

But with all that juice you still have to feed the beasts.  Rummaging through a pouch or rucksack in the dark feeling around for flashlight batteries is a less than optimum scenario.

For a couple of years, Tools Aviation has been making battery caddies out of molded plastic.  They make them for most common sizes of batteries.

Their most useful products, in my opinion, are the Slim Line models.  As the name implies, the Slim Line Battery Caddies carry four batteries (six for AAA) aligned in a row to minimize bulk.  

Each battery is individually snapped into place via a locking tab.  The batteries are also individually removed by pressing upwards on the base of the battery which is exposed in the Battery Caddy.  I’ve found that this method works much better than battery carriers that hold the batteries in place via a lid due to ease of removal.  Battery carriers that use a lid either require fishing a single battery out with your fingertips or turning the carrier over, dumping them all out at once.  

The Battery Caddies are available in multiple colors including black and military green.  Tools Aviation has also recently added glow in the dark (GITD) models.  That should make finding spare batteries even easier.  

The Slim Line Battery Caddies go for $5 per ($7 for the GITD model).  As a suggestion for further product developments, I would like to see them make a model for Aimpoint batteries. 


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