Update: Surefire L1 Lumamax Cree Review

It has been a few months since I did the original review of the Surefire L1 Cree flashlight.  Since that time, it has been my EDC flashlight. 

After a lot of use, I thought that I would post my observations. 

Surefire L1 Cree.jpgFirst of all, the low setting is too bright.  10 lumens is too much for general use lighting.  5 lumens like used on the Surefire E1B would be more ideal.  The problem isn't limited to its' brightness, however.  The 10 lumen mode also has too much spot and not enough flood.  I would prefer that the low-power mode have little to no spot because it is used only for general utility lighting. 

Secondly, and this is very minor, the tailcap feels spongy.  I would prefer if the switch was crispier so that the L1 would have a bit more finess when switching between high and low modes. 

Other than those two critiques, the Surefire L1 Cree is nearly the perfect EDC flashlight.  It will remain as my edc because there is nothing else available that rivals it in durability, utility, and handiness. 

But that is subject to change when Surefire's UA2 Optimus and UB2 Invictus become available. 


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