Why You Need a Surefire A2L Flashlight: Part 1

As previously discussed in a post on Surefire's 2009 catalog, Surefire released an LED version of the popular Aviator, given the model number A2L.

The A2L is a unique light in Surefire's lineup in that it is both dual output and dual spectrum. What that means is that it has two brightness levels, and two color outputs. The first level is 10 lumens and is available in white, blue, red, or green (blue and red are 3 lumens at the first stage). The second level is 120 lumens (110 for the red and blue models). The original A2 was 50 lumens on high and 3 on low so the maximum output has been dramatically increased.

The way the A2L works is that there are four LEDs around the primary LED in the bezel assembly. Pressing the tailswitch slightly turns on the low output LEDs. Pressing further, the high output LED turns on also. The low output LEDs remain on with the high output level. Surefire refers to the switch as "tactical correct." It's the same system used in Surefire's L1 Cree and LX2 and I have to agree about it being tactically correct. Simpler is better in this case.

The A2L is 5.4" in overall length making it exactly the same as the LX2. It is a two cell light running on 3 volt CR123A batteries like most other Surefires.

Cosmetically, the A2L reflects the new Surefire styling with the same linear grooves as found on the LX2. All the knurling previously found on Surefire lights is gone, saving your clothes from some wear and tear.

The A2L also features the pocket clip found originally on the Surefire E1B. It allows the user to carry the light in a bezel-up or bezel-down configuration as needed.

In the next part I'll go into details about what makes this flashlight great and why you need one.

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