Why You Need a Surefire A2L: Part2

In the previous post on the Surefire Aviator A2L, I gave it's specs and dimensions.  Now let's discuss the areas in which the A2L excels.

If you you've read my other flashlight posts, then you know that I'm a fan of dual output flashlights. Having low and high outputs just makes a lot of sense. I'm also a fan of the so-called "tactically correct" tailcap that Surefire uses on the L1 Cree Lumamax, LX2, and A2L. I like it because it is extremely simple and intuitive. The user can instantly select the amount of temporary light output needed simply by pressing the tailcap once.

The A2L has the two stage tailcap in addition to a colored low-light settings. In the past if you wanted a flashlight to use in low-light that wouldn't ruin your night vision, you had to add an external filter. The external filters add bulk and can be lost if not of the flip-up variety. The blue, red, or green low output levels eliminate that problem.

The colored low output mode is all flood that works great for activities such as hunting, reading in the dark, navigating your home in the dark without waking others, etc.

The high output level has a nice spot with will defined flood. Compared to a standard Surefire G2 or 6P, the A2L has a bit less flood. The beam fills a room well at night so that there's no dark spots yet has enough throw to reach out at distance when outdoors.

To conclude, the A2L is a step in the right direction from Surefire. In my opinion, the colored low output models are the ones to get since there's no reason for the white A2L when you can get the LX2 with 200 lumens on high!

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