Bushnell Backtrack Point 5

At the 2011 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Bushnell debuted a new generation of their popular Backtrack personal GPS devices. The Point 5 is the third generation in the Backtrack series.

The Backtrack series has always been intended to be a stupidly simple GPS device to help the user return to a flagged waypoint. Earlier generations could remember up to 3 locations. As the name implies, the Point 5 can remember up to 5 locations.

Unlike it's predecessors, the Point 5 has four buttons to control it's functions, including the power button. While having more buttons does complicate things slightly, the Point 5 is still the GPS for dummies. The user interface remains simple and is easily learned.

The Point 5 has the additional functions of time display, altitude, and present temperature. The Point 5 was also designed to be faster and more accurate than previous models.

Like it's siblings, the Point 5 has an LCD display. At 3.5" x 2.3," the Point 5 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket. It weighs in at 8 oz.

It's functions are limited to those mentioned, however. So the Point 5 is not a gadget for those technically inclined.

The Point 5 sells for around $70.

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