Alessi Ankle Holster versus Galco Ankle Glove

In two previous posts, Alessi Ankle Holster Review and Aless Ankle Holster Review: Part 2, I detailed my preference for the Alessi ankle holster made by Lou Alessi.  However, the ankle holster can be hard to obtain due to Alessi’s backlog. 

A popular ankle holster that is available immediately is the Ankle Glove from Galco Gunleather.  To begin with, the user will notice that the Ankle Glove weighs significantly less than the Alessi ankle holster.  That is due to the construction of the Ankle Glove being neoprene with an attached leather holster.  The use of neoprene also means that the holster is cooler to wear in hot environments than the Alessi, which uses a heavy felt lining.  

The downside to the neoprene, on the other hand, is that due to its’ stretchiness, the holster does not feel as secure.  The Ankle Glove definitely has more wobble when wearing than the Alessi ankle holster.  

The Ankle Glove uses a snap for retention that makes the firearm secure in the holster yet easy to access.  

When wearing the Ankle Glove holster, it rides noticeably higher on the leg than the Alessi ankle holster.  The higher ride means that the pants leg will provide better concealment for the firearm.  It also means that you have to pull the pants leg up higher to access the firearm.    

In summation, I feel that the Alessi ankle holster remains as the one to beat.  However, if you do not have the time to wait for the Alessi offering, you will be well served using the Galco Ankle Glove.   


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    […] The second ankle holster we’re going to discuss is the Galco Ankle Glove Holster. The Galco Ankle Glove is made of a neoprene band with a leather holster sewn to it. The leather holster has a retaining thumb snap. Each end of the neoprene has Velcro to attach it to your leg. The Ankle Glove also has sheepskin backing the holster to make it comfortable on your leg. The Ankle Glove sells for between $60-70. (Read our review on the Alessi Ankle Hoslter versus the Galco Ankle Holster here) […]

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