Alessi Talon IWB Holster

When Lou Alessi passed away, the gun industry lost an icon and holster-making genius. Fortunately, his designs will live on through his holsters, which will be used for many years to come.

One of his popular IWB designs was the Talon. The Talon name came from it's use of a belt clip. Unlike lesser holsters, Alessi's Talon belt clip is very secure. There's no chance of the holster coming unclipped during the draw stroke. The Talon clip also allows the user easy donning and doffing.

Unlike many of the other designs on the market, the Talon is extremely thin. The holster is made from only one layer of leather. Being a clamshell design, it is stitched in the rear with a sight track molded into the front for a smooth draw.

The Talon was also one of the best values in Lou's line up, selling less than many factory-made leather holsters.

On the secondary market, Lou's holsters demand top dollar. The Talon, however, can still be found occasionally for a fair amount. With relatively large numbers of them having been made, they are not as rare as some of Lou's other holsters.

If you are lucky enough to own a Talon, or can find one reasonably priced, it will be a prized part of your carry gear that will give a lifetime
of service.


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