Comp-tac 2 O’ Clock

The Comp-tac Two O' Clock is a kydex inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster made for carrying in the appendix position.  It could be considered a kydex version of Lou Alessi's popular APX holster. The appendix position equates to the 2 o' clock position on a clock face for right handed users, hence the name.

The appendix carry position has been gaining in popularity due to placing a concealed weapon on the front of the body for extremely fast draws.  The downside is a need for a slower, more deliberate re-holster.  

Since most users don't want a gun muzzle digging into them when seated, the appendix carry position typically works best for small to midsized pistols and revolvers.  It was for small pistols and revolvers that the 2 O' Clock was designed.

The one that I've been testing was made for a J-frame revolver.  From the start, Comp-tac's usual quality and attention to detail was apparent.  All of the edges of the holster are nicely rounded.  More importantly, the holster design is very well executed. 

For my build, the ride height of the holster is perfect.  The J-hook belt attachment places the rear of the revolver's cylinder right at the top of the belt line.  That translates into plenty of room around the grip for a smooth draw but also places the bulkiest part of the revolver inside the pants.

In use, I have found it necessary to not tighten the belt as much as a traditional IWB holster. Doing so prevents any discomfort from the rear of the holster rubbing any nerves or other sensitive areas.

As I have found with other Comp-tac holsters, careful heat application and light bending of the strut can tailor the holster to better suit your needs. That one tweak can improve the concealment and comfort of the holster.

Overall, the 2 O' Clock is a good holster that fills a niche for those desiring appendix carry.

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