Comp-tac Single Magazine Pouch

As a companion to the Comp-tac Infidel inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster, I’ve been using a single magazine pouch from Comp-tac.  

I ordered the magazine pouch the same time as the Infidel holster and Infidel tuckable strut and they all arrived very quickly.  

The nice thing about the Comp-tac magazine pouch is that is it very streamlined and holds the magazine tight to the body to prevent printing through cover garments.  So many other magazine pouches on the market are too bulky, especially in how they mount to a belt. 

The Comp-tac magazine pouch is also low cut to allow a good grip on the magazine prior to withdrawing it.  For retention, the magazine pouch has an adjustable tension screw at the rear of the pouch.

Never being content with anything, I modified my Comp-tac magazine pouch by putting a rearward bend in the belt loop, as you can see in the picture.  That causes the magazine to angle to the outside of the body, which I prefer for faster withdrawal and more comfortable carry.


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