Kramer IWB Holster

Kramer Gunleather is a well-known brand of holster maker.  Kramer is unique in that most of their holsters are made from horsehide instead of the more common cowhide.  They claim that horsehide is a superior material due to the properties that it retains when it's tanned. 

In my experience with a Kramer #2 IWB, the horsehide holsters require much more break-in than a comparable cowhide holster.  I believe that is due to horsehide being less malleable than cowhide.  The horsehide also makes for a stiffer holster than cowhide.  It falls between cowhide and kydex in terms of rigidity.  That said, I don't think that horsehide is any more or less comfortable than cowhide. 

The Kramer #2 is modelled after the standby IWB design, the Summer Special.  One advantage of the #2, in my opinion, is the use of chicago screws instead of snaps.  The screws are much more durable, and also allow the belt loops to be adjusted for belt width, which is a nice feature.  The #2 is available with belt loop snaps for those who desire quick donning and doffing. 

My only complaint regarding the #2's belt loops is that they are not far enough apart to center on a belt loop, a la the Summer Special.  Therefore, the holster has to be moved fore or aft of the belt loop, limiting positioning options. 

The #2 does not have a steel insert in the holster mouth as does other IWB holsters, but the horsehide is stiff enough to hold the holster open when the weapon is removed.

Overall, the Kramer #2 is a high quality IWB holster.  Kramer typically can make delivery on a holster soon after the order is placed, which is a nice change from other holster makers right now.  

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