Leather Holster Makers

These days holsters made from injection molded plastic and thermoplastic forming have taking the world by storm.  Thankfully, there are still many holster makers who painstakingly mold high quality holsters from leather.

Unfortunately, the world lost a holster making icon when Lou Alessi passed away.  But his designs will live on in holsters made by other craftsman who he trained and guided along the road to learning holster making.

So, you're looking for some new gunleather but don't know where to look?  Here are some recommendations.  A good place to start is the Milt Sparks shop.  The Milt Sparks shop makes some of the high quality holsters available and offer a wide variety of designs.  If you have a particular style of holster in mind, they probably make one like it.   You can be assured that it will be well made and made to last.

Another place to look is holster maker Matt Del Fatti.  A true custom holster maker, he offers a variety of designs, colors, and exotic leathers.  Holsters don't get any better than Del Fatti's.   You'll probably have to be patient when ordering, however.  It takes time to make perfection.

Josh Bulman also makes some of the best holsters.  Luckily for us, he also makes an authorized version of the Alessi Ankle Holster, which continues to be an unrivaled design, in my opinion.

If  you are not picky about holster color and can choose from a couple of well designed models, Gary Brommeland makes some of the best IWB holsters.  His designs are extremely thin, though somewhat utilitarian compared to the others mentioned.

5-shot Leather is another place to look.  Again, you won't have as much variety available as Milt Sparks or Del Fatti, the quality is very high and the designs are well done.

If you refuse to carry a plastic holster and are looking for the best in leather concealed carry, then take a look at the holster makers above.  Between them you should be able to find a carry rig that is extremely comfortable, well made, and a joy to carry.


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