Mika Pocket Holster

Anytime that there's a discussion online about pocket holsters, Mika Holsters are recommended.  Having never used one, I was curious to see how it would compare to other pocket holsters on the market.

It appears that the Mika pocket holsters are made from a vinyl material with a liner sewn to it for reinforcement.  On the outside of the holster, encircling it, is a strip of anti-slip material to keep the holster positioned and prevent it from coming out when the handgun is drawn. 

The design of the holster is pretty simple.  The bottom is sewn closed so that lent can not find it's way into the pistol as easily.  On the top of the holster is material that extends above the rear of the pistol on each side.  I find that this extra material is effective in keeping the holster in the pocket when the pistol is drawn because the material impacts the inside of the pocket.  Like other soft-sided pocket holsters, the pistol fits in the Mika holster loosely without any retention.

In use, I have found the Mika holster to be effective.  Out of many practice draws, it never came out of the pocket. 

The only complaint that I have is that the stitched holster bottom makes the pistol sit a little higher in the pocket.  I feel that the pistol would conceal better without the added height. 

Selling for $19, the Mika pocket holster can be considered a bargain.  It definitely compares favorably to other similarly priced pocket holsters currently available.

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  1. John Merli on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 8:42 am 

    I have a Mika pocket holster and I love it. I’m getting ready to order another one for my LCP but cut a little wider at the bottom. Many of my pockets are rounded at the rear and the holster seems to fall back in the pocket and leave the pants looking “lumpy”. I’ll be drawing a picture to show what I want. By the way, Mika lives up to his promise to make everything right with his customer. There are only complements here.

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