Nemesis Pocket Holster from Desantis

For those with concealed weapon permits or law enforcement officers, nothing beats a pocket holster for convenience.  It's as simple as sticking it in your pocket and forgetting that it's there unless you need it. 








There's more to like about pocket holsters than just convenience, however.  There are many quality pocket holsters on the market and most can be found very reasonably priced.  One such holster is the Nemesis from Desantis Holsters.

The Nemesis is simply a polymer-reinforced nylon holster with one important addition; a rubberized cloth covering the exterior of the holster.  This rubberized cloth serves the purpose of keeping the holster in place when the pistol is being drawn out of it.  That sounds good in theory, but does it work?  In my experience it does.  

I have found that the tacky exterior clings to the pocket's lining which provides enough friction on the holster to keep it in the pocket while the pistol is being pulled out of it.  

Unlike most leather pocket holsters, the Nemesis is ambidextrous. 

Retail price of the Nemesis is around $15.  For that price, it would be real difficult to find a more effective and convenient concealed carry system.  There are definitely other good pocket holsters on the market, but the Nemesis does what it was designed to do at a very fair price. 


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