Review of Tuckable Comp-tac Infidel

In a previous post on the Comp-tac Infidel holster, I discussed the merits of the Infidel design as a kydex inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster.  

When I originally ordered the Infidel holster, I also ordered the tuckable strut for an extra $10.  I had never used a tuckable IWB holster, so I figured that for a small investment I would be able to try it without permanently modifying the holster.  

Before going any further, let me say that prior opinions of tuckable IWB holsters that I had heard were not very encouraging.  With that in mind, I wasn’t expecting much.

After attaching the tuckable strut to the holster, I put it on and tucked the holster in.  Immediately, I noticed that the tuckable strut does not hold the pistol as tightly to the body as the standard belt loops.  That is due to the curvature of the kydex strut.  Carefully heating and bending the strut to better match your body shape should minimize the issue for most people.  

Other than that, I was very impressed with how well the tuckable Infidel concealed with little printing evident.  Keep in mind, I used a full size pistol so a smaller one would no doubt conceal even better.  The tuckable Infidel proved to conceal well enough that I feel confident that no one would know that a pistol was underneath the tucked in shirt.  

The only portion of the holster visible is the strut’s belt clip.  Placing the clip under the belt instead of over it helps to hide it, but makes the holster much less stable.  

So would the tuckable Infidel work for everyday carry?  I think so for a dedicated user.  Tucking the holster in does add some more issues such as carrying accessories (like spare ammo) and a slightly slower draw.  But there is nothing that would prevent it from being an option for those that need a tuckable carry system.

To conclude, I feel that the typical IWB holster meets most people’s needs.  But if you are in a situation where your shirt tail must be tucked in and you wish to carry a full size pistol, consider the Comp-tac Infidel with tuckable strut.


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