Bianchi Speed Strips: Another Look at Small-Frame Revolver Accessories

In the previous post, I wrote about the Barami Hip Grip for use with small-frame revolvers.  To continue in that vein, people that carry a small-frame revolver should consider the Bianchi Speed Strips a must-have accessory.

Bianchi Speed Strips are simply plastic strips with six circular notches cut lengthwise to securely hold .38 caliber ammunition.  The plastic is flexible enough to release the cartridges individually when reloading the revolver's cylinder.  

No one would argue that reloading revolvers with speed loaders is much faster.  However, their large, round circumference also makes them harder to conceal, especially when you consider that small-frame revolvers are often carried as secondary firearms only. 

The flat shape of loaded Speed Strips means that they hide well in pockets until needed. 
To maximize speed when reloading with Speed Strips, it is possible to load two rounds at a time.  Begin with the two rounds furthest from the tabbed end and work up the strip until the five cylinder chambers are loaded. 

While not ideal in terms of speed, the Bianchi Speed Strips allow for easily carrying spare ammunition for small-frame revolvers.  To paraphrase a wise person, you can never have too much ammo. 


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