ESEE Knives Fire Kit

In previous posts we discussed items to be carried in urban survival kits. One item that should be in any survival kit, urban or wilderness is a fire starter. Make that multiple fire starters.

ESEE knives (formerly RAT knives, not to be confused with Swamp Rat Knives) has begun selling a fire kit that is worth a look for any survival kit. The ESEE fire kit is a misch rod attached to an anodized aluminum handle. The handle contains a watertight storage compartment that can be accessed by removing the cap. On the inside of the cap is a small button compass for survival navigation.

In terms of size, I think the storage compartment would be large enough to hold one CR123A battery if the compass was removed. I have found that there's plenty of storage for two small fishhooks, 20 feet of braided line, and a small amount of tinder with the compass.

The misch flint throws more sparks than the more common ferocium rods. They seems to work best when struck with the edge of a sharp knife.

The cap of the fire kit has a lanyard loop for attachment to your kit or paracord. I've found that by adding a few inches of braided paracord to the lanyard loop and storing some small survival items in the storage compartment, you have a survival kit that will fit in the palm of your hand.

Overall it's a high quality piece of gear that sells for around $30 online.

Find ESEE Fire Kits on eBay!

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