Hurricane Preparedness: Updated 2011

I originally authored this post during the 2008 hurricane season. The 2011 season is not upon us yet, but it's not too soon to begin preparing for it. With that in mind, i'm updating this article with some new items that were not available in 2008.

If you live near the coast in the southeast or southwest United States, then you know the problems that accompany a tropical storm or hurricane. In a best case scenario, the power will only be out for a couple of days and there is minimum damage to buildings. When things are worse, however, you need to be prepared for multiple days without electricity and limited resources outside of what you currently have in your home.

Probably the most important thing to have is clean water. You can store jugs of drinking water, but at a gallon of water person, per day, it get's bulky very quickly. Something like the Lifesaver Bottle is ideal because it is small, doesn't take up much space when stored, and is good for filtering up to 4000 liters of water for the least expensive model! At less than $200, it's one of the best options for clean water.

A quality flashlight is also needed because the power will probably be out for a while. I prefer a flashlight that is reliable, very bright, and has long battery life. The Surefire LX2 Lumamax is perfect because it 200 lumens, it will light up a street if needed. It also has a low output setting of 15 lumens for everyday use. On the low setting, two batteries last for 30 hours!

Along with a flashlight, you've got to have batteries to power it. The CR123A lithium batteries are ideal because they have an extremely long storage life (10 years). There's no better way to store, organize, or carry spare batteries than with a Tools Aviation Battery Caddy.

Lastly, a quality multi-tool is handy to have since they're easier to carry than a tool box. You never know when you'll need a screwdriver, knife blade, or pliars.

Adding those items, along with plenty of non-perishable food, to your preparedness kit will definitely make life easier following a hurricane.


2 Comments on "Hurricane Preparedness: Updated 2011"

  1. akb427 on Sat, 19th Dec 2009 10:42 am 

    Myself I prefer aa powered lights, but I always have standard aa’s around and usually have some rechargeables charged up for my photo gear. And there are solar aa chargers for multi-day outages, car camping, etc. The storage time on cr’s is a factor in their favor though.

    I also like candles in candle-lanterns or the votives in glass cylinders. They provide a low level of lighting but for a very long time, and can be romantic as well.

    Water is also key. Keeping a few gallons around in a collapsible jug or two, and maybe a camping water filtration device is sound practice, most especially if you use a well with an electric pump.

  2. admin on Mon, 4th Jan 2010 8:09 pm 

    Yeah, you bring up some good points. Keeping extra water around is important, especially when you’re using candles. A lot of people have AAs on hand for electronics so having a AA-powered flashlights can simplify things.

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