Lifesaver Bottle Review

No, we aren't talking about bottle modeled after the candy. The Lifesaver bottle was developed by a British company as a water bottle with a built-in filtering system. Having the filter made into the bottle negates having to carry around a separate filter.

When looking for water filtration systems, you have to read the fine print to determine what exactly the product removes from your water because all filtration systems are not created equal! According to the manufacturer, the Lifesaver Bottle removes all viruses, bacteria, and reduces the amount of chemical residues, including heavy metals! In fact, the Lifesaver Bottle complies with all regulations established by the EPA pursuant to the Clean Water Act!

So how does it work? The Lifesaver Bottle has a replaceable internal activated carbon filter that filters the water you drink.

The base of the Lifesaver serves as a cap and pump. The user removes the base by unscrewing it from the body of the bottle. The bottle is then filled from the water source and the base is replaced. Once the base is replaced, the pump is turned slightly to unlock it and the bottle is pumped. After being pumped, the bottle is pressurized and water can be drunk at any time.

Due to the bottle being pressurized, water squirts out without any sucking by the user.

The bottle holds approximately 25 ounces of water or 750 millileters. The Lifesaver bottle weighs 22 ounces empty and is about 12.5" tall by 4.5" wide.

Two versions of the Lifesaver are available. They are the Lifesaver 4000 and Lifesaver 6000. The only difference between the two models are the number of liters that the filter is good for between replacements. As the name implies, the 4000 is good for 4000 liters, and likewise, the 6000 is good for 6000 liters. Naturally, the Lifesaver 6000 is more expensive than the 4000.

So, how does the Lifesaver Bottle compare to other popular water filters? In my opinion, the Lifesaver Bottle is a safe way of filtering water while outdoors or during emergencies and disasters. For extreme sports, campers, backpackers, and military use, I feel that a filter such as the MSR Hyperflow is more practical due to that fact that water can be filtered directly to a Camelbak or other hydration bladder. You aren't always near a water source when hiking, so you would have to have another way to carry water, which could be added to the Lifesaver as you drink from it.

I feel that the Lifesaver Bottle is best used as an emergency filtration device. Having one in your vehicle's survival kit or any survival kit is an excellent way of ensuring that you and your family have clean water to drink. Just make sure you have another way of carrying water if you are moving away from the water source.

The Lifesaver Bottle is also ideal for natural disaster scenarios where clean water may not be available for an extended period of time.

The Lifesaver Bottle has a shelf life of 3 years but that can be extended to 5 years if the filter is primed. The filter is primed by pumping water through it then letting it sit for 5 minutes before expelling it from the bottle. The process is repeated twice. Once, primed, a little bit of water should be kept in the bottle when being stored.

The Lifesaver Bottle includes a nylon carry strap so that it can be slung over your shoulder or attached to a pack.

Replacement filters for the Lifesaver Bottle are affordable with four-packs costing around $30.

In short, the Lifesaver Bottle is a great product and can literally save your life. It's a good product to have in a home or vehicle survival kit in preparation of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The prices on the Lifesaver Bottles vary from $150 to $200 depending on the model purchased.

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2 Comments on "Lifesaver Bottle Review"

  1. Hurricane Preparedness: Updated 2011 : EDC on Tue, 11th Jan 2011 5:47 pm 

    […] water, but at a gallon of water person, per day, it get’s bulky very quickly. Something like the Lifesaver Bottle is ideal because it is small, doesn’t take up much space when stored, and is good for filtering up […]

  2. Bart on Sun, 23rd Oct 2011 5:40 am 

    I bought this bottle 1 year ago. The first results had a strong plastic taste. After one trip outdoors the filter stopped filtering. It blocked completely. I was on a trip for a week, this you don’t want into the field. So the trust in this system was damaged immediately. I send it back to the shop and received another one. The same issue. After one use just a few drops. I contacted the lifesaver bottle company and didn’t receive any answer. So is bad service, bad function, bad taste. This bottle has also a unhandy size. It is too thick and too heavy to carry comfortably in a backpack.
    The built quality is also not very durable. It is a kind of plastic that breaks when it falls, so no go for a hard job.

    I’m really disappointed in this product. Their marketing is much better then their product. This is sad! I bought an MSR, those systems you can trust.

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