MSA-Sordin Supreme Electronic Ear Muffs

On the exterior, the MSA Sordin ear muffs appear to be ordinary hearing protection. But there is much more to a pair of MSA Sordins than meets the eye.

The MSA Sordin Supreme headsets feature sound amplification technology that amplifies low-decibel sounds 3x while filtering out load sounds over 80 decibels. That makes them ideal for use in environments where loud noise is present but you still need to be able to communicate effectively with others or hearing a phone ringing.

Electronic sound amplification technology has been around for several years but Sordin has come close to perfecting it in their Supreme headsets. When wearing the headsets, the user can hear sounds directionally just as if hearing normally. For example, if worn while hunting the hunter can not only hear leaves crunching around him but can also hear distant gunshots and the direction that they came from.

As ear muffs go, the MSA Sordin Supremes are very comfortable. To make them even more comfortable, replacement gel seats are available.

In a previous post I reviewed the Surefire Sonic Defender earplugs that mechanically block loud sounds while allowing lower decibel sounds to reach the wearer's ear. They work alright compared to normal ear plugs, but are nothing like the MSA Sordin headsets. If you really need to hear with loud noise present, then the MSA Sordin Supremes are the clear choice.


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