News from the Blade Show 2010

Attendance was up this year at the Blade Show and the manufacturers had many new products on display.

Spyderco Knives' booth is always one of the most sought after in regards to new products. The anticipated Spyderco PPT folder is now shipping. On display was two smaller prototype versions of the PPT which are not scheduled for production at this time. The Spyderco Warrior was also on display in a black-coated version as well as the standard satin finished version.

ZT Knives had two new fixed blades on display. One was the RJ Martin designed model 170. The other was a new design from a ZT Knives employee. Both models should be shipping in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The only thing new on display from Gerber Knives was the Octane multi-tool, which is similar to their other tools only smaller and slimmer.

For the tomahawk fans out there, RMJ Tactical had their hawks on display. They have finally come out with a hammer pole version of their Shrike tomahawk for those people who dislike spike tomahawks. The new hawks are available immediately but sheaths are a few weeks out.

In the flashlight world, Surefire had a booth setup with their lights on display. Noticeably missing was the Surefire LX1. According to a rep, the LX1 will be out "anytime" now. I'm not holding my breath. I do find it curious that it was displayed at the SHOT Show but not the Blade Show.


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