Pocket Urban Survival Kit

In a previous post, titled Everyday Carry Urban Survival Kit, I discussed some gear to consider carrying in preparation of urban survival scenarios. The purpose of the post was simply to give the reader some ideas to consider, not to be a definitive list. Most, if not all, of the items are tools that are useful for everyday carry anyways. The items were also intended to as unobtrusive to your daily routine as possible. If the items are a burden to carry, they'll be left at home.

To expand further on the topic, I want to discuss a pocket urban survival kit that I've put together to meet my needs. It is designed to be minimalistic, only containing the items that I consider critical.

The kit is based on the Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell On Board (DCOB). the DCOB is, in short, a pocket organizer made to fit into a cargo or BDU pocket. I've found that it works fine with most cargo pants and shorts, other than the 5.11 tactical pants. On the outside of the Dry Cell on Board are three vertical mesh pockets. Two are large enough for cell phones, flashlights, multitools, or folding knives. The other is sized for a pen. Inside the Dry Cell on Board is divided into two sections by a mesh divider. A zipper encloses the main compartment. The Dry Cell on Board gets it's name from the dry storage pouches that come with it.

As you can see from the photo, I carry a Surefire A2L, Pen, and multi-tool on the outside of the DCOB. Those are items that get a lot of use, so I want to have quick access to them. I've found the Surefire A2L to be an excellent everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. It's extremely reliable and the batteries last a long time when used in the low-output mode.

Any normal sized multitool will fit into the external mesh pocket. I alternate between ones from Leatherman and Victorinox. The one in the picture is a Leatherman Sideclip, long discontinued.

Inside the main zippered compartment of the DCOB I carry a Suunto MC-2G global compass, refillable lighter, Bogota entry tools, and two spare lithium CR123A batteries for the Surefire. I previously carried a misch metal striker in place of the lighter. The striker was thinner and lighter but I felt that the lighter was faster to use and more practical.

You didn't see a folding or fixed blade knife listed with the kit because they are also carried separately.

One of the things that I especially like about the kit, is the fact that it's all carried concealed in a cargo pocket. There's no tell-tale pocket clips exposed to reveal the gray man.

The only thing necessary to carry this survival kit is a pair of cargo pants or shorts.






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