SPEC-OPS Brand T.H.E. Wallet Jr.

For those of you needing a new wallet, you may want to take a look at T.H.E. Wallet Jr., available from SPEC-OPS Brand gear.  I purchased one a couple of years ago and have found it to be a great wallet for every day carry.

It seems that so many wallets on the market are limited to holding a few credit cards and a little bit of cash.  That is not the case with T.H.E. Wallet Jr.

T.H.E. Wallet Jr. is actually the smaller version of T.H.E. Wallet, and for the average user the junior offering will be sufficient.

In terms of carrying capacity, T.H.E. Wallet Jr. will easily carry twelve credit cards and also has a clear pocket for your driver license or other identification.  One of the best features, in my opinion, is a zippered pocket that is useful for carrying items such as spare change and extra keys.

The money compartment can hold a large number of bills and has a zippered section for storing extra cash.  The zippered compartment design is not visible from the side, keeping prying eyes away.  

The only complaint that I have for T.H.E. Wallet Jr. is that the clear identification pocket on the rear of the wallet “absorbed” the image from an identification card so when I put another card in that pocket, it is hard to read.

All in all, this wallet is functional with all the features I need, which is saying a lot.  I feel that the zippered pocket really makes this wallet.  In the long term, durability has proven to be a non-issue.  If you need a well made wallet that will carry a lot without being too bulky, take a look at T.H.E. Wallet Jr. from SPEC-OPS Brand gear.


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