Your Favorite EDC Items

The purpose of this post is to elicit some help from readers. I'm curious what others people's favorite everyday carry items are. It could be anything from a specialized tool to an Ipad! Send me an email or comment below and let me know. Also be sure to include the country where you are located. It will be interesting to see any geographic trends in EDC gear.

Now, I'll post some of my favorite EDC items. They are items that have been reviewed before but make my list of favorite EDC items.

One of my favorites, and a classic tool, is the Leatherman Sideclip. They've been discontinued several years now and I still carry one everyday. When they were being made, they could be routinely found for $20 making them one of the best multi-tool bargains. Leatherman's older tools were typically higher quality than the current batch of tools. The Sideclip embodies everything a Leatherman tool should be while being minimalistic. Having only a knife blade, three flat screwdrivers, one phillips screwdriver, and a can opener, the Sideclip didn't have any fluff. It also was the first multi-tool to have an integral pocket clip, which was the basis for it's name.

The Leatherman Kick was the Sideclip's replacement and is also a quality tool, if not as well made as it's predecessor. The Kick can found for $25-30 if you shop around.

Another favorite is the Surefire L1 Cree, also called the L1 Lumamax. Although it may seem too dim by today's standards with a lowsy 65 lumens output, the L1 Cree is still a great flashlight. At only 4.5" long, the L1 Cree is easy to carry. It came with the traditional Surefire bezel-up pocket clip. The L1 Cree can be retro-fitted with the E1B clip, however.

The best feature of the L1 Cree is it's intuitive user interface with a short and foolproof learning curve. It's dual output, 10 and 65 lumens, makes it very versatile in handling everyday tasks for which a flashlight is required.

Unfortunately, Surefire recently discontinued the L1 Cree. It's rumored replacement, the LX1 was displayed at the 2011 SHOT Show. There is no new word on it's release. But you can bet that when the LX1 is released, it will have double the output on the high end of the L1 in a similar sized body.

The last favorite I'll discuss for now is an old Spyderco Standard folding knife. For those unfamiliar with it, the Spyderco Standard was a G10 version of the previous style Delica. It had G10 scales on both sides with a stainless liner opposite the pivot screw that the pocket clip threaded to. It's size and lock quality make it a winner. When folded, the Standard was about the same length as most slipjoint folders. Being a Spyderco, it was a tough lockback that you could count on without worrying about it folding on your fingers.

The closest thing that Spyderco has made in recent years is the re-released Rookie. The new G10 Delica is larger and has a different blade profile. The ATS-55 blade of the Standard didn't hold an edge as well as more modern steels but it was adequate for most tasks.

So there are three of my favorite EDC items. When I began writing this post, I didn't intend or realize that all three were no longer in production. Even so, they are still worth mentioning. Spyderco Standards are fairly rare but Sideclips and Surefire L1 Crees can easily be found on ebay or other websites dedicated to everday carry items.


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