Suunto Core Outdoor Watch

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Question: I am looking to purchase a Suunto watch to wear during outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing. Looking online, there are many different models and I am confused over which ones to look at. Any help... Read More...

MSA-Sordin Supreme Electronic Ear Muffs

On the exterior, the MSA Sordin ear muffs appear to be ordinary hearing protection. But there is much more to a pair of MSA Sordins than meets the eye. The MSA Sordin Supreme headsets feature sound amplification technology that amplifies... Read More...

Marathon Watches

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Marathon is known mostly for supplying watches to the US Government, but they make a variety of watches that are available to the general public with quartz or automatic movements. Read More →

Seiko Coutura Chronograph

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This is the first watch review on because frankly, I'm not much of a watch person.  In fact, in the past I just relied on cell phones for my timekeeping.  However, after growing tired of digging into my pockets for a phone to check... Read More...